Suburban Buick Cadillac - Deposit never return

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On August 23,2012, I completed an online application with GMAC credit to purchase a new vehicle.I went to the dealership on 8/24/12 and was introduced to David Scalf(Sales Consultant).

I immediately asked Mr. Scalf if he had received by credit application and he said yes. I told him before we go any further I wanted to know if my credit was fine and Mr. Scalf replied that it was fine.

Long story short I left a $500 dollar deposit on 8/24/12. I received e-mail and call from David saying my vehicle was ready and informing me what information I would need to bring into the office. I purchased car insurance($866.00) andd registrationand title of my current lease and the employee discount I would be using. I was left waiting 2 1/2 hours before he approached me to tell me, it was a problem with my credit.

Since it was Davide mistake, I would have excepted him or dealership manage to try to rectifiy the debacle or at the very least refund my money. I have never heard from Mr. Scalf since I left the dealership on 8/31/12. I have not received my money or an apology from anyone, and I still have make arrangement to purchase a vehicle.

GMAC needs to resolve this as soon as possible.L Sealie Inkster,MI 48141 Suburban Buick Cadilliac Dealership Troy, MI

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The deposit has not been refunded, so that is a flat out lie. I dont have a problem if the bank turn me down, the problem was always with the way the dealership handle the situation.


We want to offer our most humble apologies to Ms.LaDon1026 this is not our standard practice for doing business but unfortunately the ball was dropped.

The decision for credit is up to the bank and is not handled at the store level.

To update the readers the deposit has been refunded.Again we apologize this is not how we do business and we would love an opportunity to try to right the situation with another chance in the future.

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